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We are a non-partisan coalition determined to get representation for every neighborhood in our city.

The City of Kent is exclusively represented by "At-Large" councilmembers. This means that each city councilmember is elected by voters throughout the entire city, rather than individual districts.


Right now, certain neighborhoods have more influence on city elections. Read about it in the Kent Reporter!


We think every neighborhood should have a say in our city! 

To make neighborhood representation possible, we need to collect enough signatures to get our initiative on the ballot. Find out about how to help below!

We are now collecting signatures to create voting districts in Kent!

Get involved today!


Gather Signatures


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We need 10,572 Kent voters to sign our petition!

We're going door-to-door, hosting events, standing at bus stops and grocery stores and helping people understand our campaign! Can you help?

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"Districts would indeed bring more geographic diversity and likely give constituents greater access to their representatives, whether it’s engaging with them at a chance encounter at a neighborhood store, or running across them during an afternoon walk."

Kent City Councilmember

John Boyd

Kent City Councilmember

Marli Larimer

Kent City Councilmember

Brenda Fincher

Fmr. Kent City Councilmember

Dennis Higgins

SeaTac City Councilmember

Jake Simpson

Coalition Members and Supporters:

Kent Community Leader

Hira Singh Bhullar

African American Leadership Forum Executive Director

Dawn Bennett

State Senator

Karen Keiser

Fmr. County Councilmember

Larry Gossett

US Congressmember

Adam Smith

State Representative

Mia Gregerson

Fmr. Kent School Board Member

Joe Bento

Kent School Board Member

Donald Cook

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